wonder motors For agriculture

water collection and irrigation

in the agriculture industry, water usage is considered the basic and vital element that influence the quality of crop, the use of land, the production between harvests and the return of investment.

To optimize the efficiency of agricultural equipment, wonder low voltage general purpose electric motors , which are suitable for various water pumps, are highly recommended.

wonder high efficiency three phase induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motorshave series of technical advantages: low energy consuming, low temperature rise, longer life span of bearing and longer interval between maintenance,etc., resulting in cost effectiveness of wonder products.

For the irrigation devices, motors with variable speed (or supplied with inverter ) are ideal options.

in addition, wonder motors are widely applied in water pumps which are widely applied in the farming industry, such as stainless steel submersible pumps, large drainage pumps, amphibious pumps, collection pumps and fertilization pumps, etc.

wonder solutions for water collection and irrigation of high efficiency and of high quality will bring our customers higher productivity rates and other better consequences of the industry.

aeration system in Warehouses/Silos

The storage of grain is another core process of the farming industry, for the storage conditions have high impact on the quality of the grain before it is consumed.

To keep the proper temperature and humidity, a highly effective ventilation systemis necessary and vital.

in accordance with the grain amount, type and the environment conditions, wonder pm synchronous motors with inverter and WVF series variable frequency motors are able to drive the fans/ventilators while saving energy considerably.

What’s more, wonder motors have obvious longer service time and longer interval between maintenance which brings lower total cost and average return on the investment within one year to our customers.

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