wonder team bonding & learning Aug 08, 2020
on the morning of august 8 th, under the leadership of general manager mr. Yu Zhuangxiang, a weekend learning meeting was held in Wonder. The main principals and key staff of each department participated in the meeting.

The participants seized the opportunity of the collective exchange, and expressed their views, communicated frankly and made a profound summary on their own work content, department management, personnel training, cross-department cooperation, the current domestic and foreign social and business situation and other topics. in addition, principles of engineering department held a mini training on the current trend of electric motors, such as permanent magnet motor , synchronous reluctance motor , servo motor , brushless dc motor , etc.

Since the second half of the year, china has ushered in the "post-epidemic era" : We are still facing considerable downward economic pressure, but the situation is gradually changing for the better. For wonder Electric, currently, we are also facing greater pressure and challenges, but at the same time also see the huge potential and opportunities brought by the economic cycle.

on the one hand, the meeting is a summary and reflection of the operation and management in the first half of the year. on the other hand, it is more for the purpose of pooling strength and determining the direction of future development.

We will continue to adhere to the management policy of "reducing cost and increasing efficiency", fighting the battle of 2020, diging deeper development opportunities and exploring more possibilities.

궁금한 뉴스 레터, 제품 카탈로그, 서비스 세부 정보를 구독하여 우리에 대해 자세히 알아보십시오.
메세지를 보내다
메세지를 보내다
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